Rogier Ruys  ~  ART INTO MUSIC

2015     Expo Sculpture Garden Guernsey Art Parks
2015     Florence Design week
2015     Art Milano
2014     Jazz Museum Rotterdam
2014     North Sea Jazz
2013    Scott Hamilton receives first ‘Sax’ sculpture
2013    Vince Mendoza Metropole Orkest receives first 'Composer' sculpture in Concert                Hall Amsterdam, NL
2013    Art into Music & Moore Music XXL are visible @ Chateau St. Gerlach, NL
2013    Art into Music is visible in Barcelona Showcase III by Global Art Agency, SP
2013    Erik Vloeimans receives first trumpet sculpture
2012    Art into Music is visible in Ferrara and Bologna, IT
2012    Art into Music is visible in North Sea Jazz café, Amsterdam, NL
2012    Moore Music is visible @  sculpturegarden Marienheem, NL
2012    Moore Music is visible @ sculpturegarden Kunst & Kastelen, NL
2011    Dizzy & Moore Music are visible @ sculpturegarden Landgoed Wolfslaar, NL
2011    Art into Music & Moore Music XXL are visible @ North Sea Jazz, Rotterdam, NL
2010    Dizzy & Moore Music are visible @ Heineken Music Hall, Hi5 Martin Luther King                  Awards, Amsterdam, NL
2010    Moore Music XXL is born @ Jazz festival Breda, NL
2009    Dizzy XXL is born @ Jazz festival Breda, NL

2008    Moore Music is used as Pure Jazz Not Jazz Award @ Pure Jazz, The Hague, NL 


For business enquiry, please contact: 

Sergei Versteeg  
00 31 (0)6 2900 0091

Rogier Ruys

00 31 (0)6 5363 8819

postal address:
Ginnekenweg 32
4818 JG Breda
The Netherlands

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ART INTO MUSIC  ~  a Vision with a Mission
When I was young, Music became my first love! Now, after many years of creating sculptures the love and power of
Art into Music will hopefully last forever. From a early age I was playing my Trumpet looking for my sound and longing
to make finally my first music sculpture, it became 
'Moore Music'.

I traveled around the world and it is wonderful, a beauty
of a Creation but the globe is so much more then light and air, earth and water. The journey of Life is a never ending organic process driven by energy and vibration that is everywhere.
This constant flow like Art & Music is a dedication and a celebration of Life. The adventure of improvisation comes from trust and dare to let go, reaching out for the mystery en significants of life.
So, Art into Music  'the language of the world' is to me more then our eyes can see and hands will discover. Beauty is more then perfection, nice or prettiness; beauty is much more than that! I like to believe that my sculptures have their Own life where in open spaces music always whispers.
The Nothing is the garden of Creation of the Something. When abstract forms and the human element are welded together then there will be arise a fuller deeper meaning into art. The shape of a form is one indispensable element to give contents to a deep breath from our Soul to set it free.
I hope with ~ Art into Music ~  I will travel again to wander and go all over the Globe and believe that 'sharing is more than giving'.


If you are press, please contact us for downloadable images and resume.

The Vision and Mission of Art into Music is to Inspire & Connect, bring music and colour in everyones Heart, find Your Tone.

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