Your music sculpture can be made in your own colour.
Have a look at the Colour palette CLICK HERE.
Have a look at the Special Edition CLICK HERE.

The ART INTO MUSIC sculpture is delivered to you in a beautiful high quality cardboard box. You can use it as a display for your ART INTO MUSIC sculpture.

The musical sculpture is mounted onto a pillar, and ready to fill your home with a musical atmosphere.

A classy plexiglass keychain will accompany your sculpture, giving you an opportunity to take ART INTO MUSIC with you 'on the road'.

And why not build a collection and compose your own band?


The music sculptures can be bought and seen live at:
* Atelier and Galerie at Rogier Ruys, Breda
* Galerie Inez Tummers, Valkenburg
* Chateau St. Gerlach, Limburg
* Galeria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy​




ART INTO MUSIC offers music sculptures in favorite colours, or go to the special edition 'handpainted by the artist'. Create your own presentation.

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ART INTO MUSIC offers a range of products to choose from.

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